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Celebrating Washington's Civic Educators of 2016

In classrooms and community organizations around Washington, civic educators are at work laying the foundation for new generations of engaged citizens. Congratulations to our 8th grade teacher, Jim Hendrickson!

Jim Hendrickson, Tukes Valley Middle School, BG

For the last 20 years, Jim Hendrickson has taught a variety of 8th grade classes in the Battle Ground School District. He currently teaches integrated Washington State/U.S. History courses infused with Civics, Economics, Writing, and Social Studies contents. Hendrickson resides in Washougal with his wife Julie and four year-old son River Silas. Hendrickson obtained his B.A. in Education from Western Washington University. From there he was given the opportunity to study at Oriel Collee, Oxford, where he researched the use of community resourced in the teaching of social studies. Hendrickson also holds a Master’s of Science in Content Area Learning and Literacy from Walden University. Congratulations to Jim for being nominated for Civic Educator a second time!

Hendrickson states that his father had an immense role in sparking his interest in Civic Education. “When discussing content regarding the election process and the importance of voting, he merely listened and then said, “There is more to being a good citizen than just voting,” says Hendrickson. “As my career progressed, I gradually began to understand that father-to-son conversation.  It rings through my mind each year when I approach civic education.  Community service, jury duty, voting, contributing (be it time, talents, or resources), enlistment, and for some running for elected office are all important cogs in the democratic process.  Citizenship includes speaking out for what you believe and defending it, not merely with emotional rhetoric, but with reasoned logical arguments backed by concrete examples and relevance.”

Although Hendrickson says he has taught Civics in many ways, he mainly bases his teaching directly on the Constitution. “We debate compromises made during the Constitutional Convention as a primary focus of student learning and we draw comparisons between the structures of government at our federal, state, and local levels.  I am a big fan of primary source documents to support instruction and am thankful for the wealth of historical content now at our fingertips beck-and-call.”

Hendrickson states that one of the greatest challenges of the jobs is keeping the students interested. “When you are in the 8th grade, voting age still seems like an eternity away.  One challenge is to build enough excitement about the democratic process and hope that spark survives until high school teachers have opportunities to rekindle it.”

When asked what the most rewarding part of being a Civic Educator is, Hendrickson said that it is knowing you are serving your country and its prosperity. He has had three former students that have lost their lives in Afghanistan and makes it a point each year to recognize those individuals and what they gave to us so we can have freedom.

Profile by Katie Kincaid, Senate Intern from WSU

Watch D.O.G.S. is a program that gives fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other male role models the opportunity to take an active role in the school building. For more information about this national program, click here. 

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HIV/AIDS Prevention Curriculum

Parents and families are invited to preview the new curriculum materials in a number of ways:

Parents may opt their child/children out of this curriculum teaching if they wish, either online or by requesting a form in their school office. Reminder: If you have already opted out 1 or more children in the past, you do not need to do so again. The whole family will remain opted out unless instructed otherwise.

Tukes Valley Middle School Green Team

Every day, the average person produces about 4.4 pounds of garbage. Much of that garbage is plastic. In the U.S. alone, over 250 million tons of garbage is produced per year. That’s enough garbage to cover the state of Texas 2 and ½ times! 

The Tukes Valley Green Team is participating in a contest for Trex. Trex is a company that builds composite decking made from film plastic. The contest is to collect all sorts of plastics that can’t normally be recycled in household recycling bins. These plastics include grocery bags, ziploc bags, plastic wrap, wood and food pellet bags, and any other plastic you can poke your finger through. Keep in mind these plastics need to be thin, clean and dry. If our school collects the most plastics, then we get a bench made out of the film plastics to put out in our nature trails!       

This contest runs until April 15, 2016. If you would like to volunteer to weigh and/or drop off collected plastics at local stores, please contact Ms. Keller, Ms. Housley, or Miss Lefebvre. 

Watch the Trex recycling video.

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